2017LogoSmallWelcome to the World Gem Society, a place where everyone can join and share your love of gemstones. This is a membership society for everyone who loves gemstones, sponsored by the “Mid-Atlantic Gemological Lab & Appraisals” and “Bonnie Betz Gems & Jewelry, LLC”. 
Our support services are professional quality, our members come from all walks of life and every level of the industry, and we welcome you whether you are a hobbyist or professional, young or old. All who love gemstones and want to learn and share are welcome to join this mobile friendly learning and support network for gemstone lovers.
What Makes Us Different: We know there are other gem societies out there, but we ask you to compare the professional gemological credentials of the society leaders and review the industry standing of the society membership. Our credentials Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP-GIA), Registered Gemologist Appraiser (RGA-IIJA), Registered Gemologist (RG-IIJA) along with 20+ years in the gemology industry. No other gem society can offer you the level of professional continuing education, experience and expertise as the World Gem Society.

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Devoted to informing members of the World Gem Society what is happening. Here is were you will find out what is new and what is happening on the website.


Website Updates:

The website is now “Back in Business”

UPDATE – August 2018

You may have thought that the website has been dormant for the past several weeks, but in reality I have been investigating what other sites offer and what the industry in general is doing and the direction it is moving in and I decided to rebuild sections of the website to accommodate what is happening and to offer more information related to current events as well as updating the gemstone reference sections that have always been there.

I hope that all members stay the course as the rebuild continues and I think everyone will be pleased with the results. As always, stay tuned to the Home Page for updates. My apologies for the delay, but once the purchase was done concerning the website much of the information was proprietary and could not be used and much of it was out of date, so was not usable as it was at the time. I am committed to providing new and much more current data for all members……Bonnie Betz, EE, AJP, RG, RGA

What’s New for July 2018

NEW – JCK Articles – July 10, 2018

NEW – Rapaport Articles – July 10, 2018

Updated Diamond Wholesale Price Guides – July 3, 2018

Updated Diamond YTD Pricing Graph – July 3, 2018

News Articles Related to DeBeers and Lab-Grown Diamonds – July 3, 2018

Technical Article – “Understanding Appraisals – Evaluation Process” – July 3, 2018

** Recent Gem/Jewelry Industry News Articles **

(August 2018)

******* DeBeers & Lab-Grown Diamonds *******

Why We Are Going Into Lab-Grown Diamonds

With New Lab-Grown Line, Is De Beers Embracing Self-Cannibalization?

De Beers Starts Work on Lab-Grown Diamond Factory

Previous news items if appropriate will be moved to the Members Area. If anyone wishes to have a previous article sent to them that is not in the Members Area, please fill out the Site Administrator Contact Form in the “About US” menu on the Home Page.

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Current Wholesale Diamond Prices

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Round/Fancies Prices – July 2018

Wholesale Diamond Market Price Index (2017 – 2018 YTD)

Learn how to use the Diamond Price Guide

Understanding Diamond Price Guides – A Short Tutorial


Current Wholesale Colored Gemstone Prices (coming soon!!)

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Colored Gemstones 

Learn how to use the Colored Gemstones Price Guide

Understanding Colored Gemstone Price Guides – A Short Tutorial

World Gem Society Technical Articles


Interested in any technical articles and what the World Gem Society can offer, become a member, just check the registration area on the home page.


Understanding Gemology Article(s)

July 2018 Article(s)

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Gemologist's ToolBox Article(s)

July 2018 Article(s)

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Understanding Appraisals Article(s)

July 2018 Article(s)

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07/03 – Understanding Appraisals – Evaluation Process

Appraisers ToolBox Article(s)

July 2018 Article(s)

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Want to "Test Your Knowledge"

“Test Your Knowledge” of gemstones, gemology in general and jewelry appraisals.

Challenge yourself to find the answer based on various data provided. Excellent way for students to learn and for gemologists and appraisers to jog their skills.

New Test Your Knowledge

Also, check how well you did on the previous “Test Your Knowledge”. (Click the link below)

The Gemstone Reference Library is your source for important information regarding gemstone properties, colors, market selling strategy and more for over 60 of the most often seen gemstones. We will constantly be updating, expanding and upgrading this special reference library to keep you informed of the latest information from the gemstone world.

Here are some examples below. Join us to access the full Gemstone Reference Library

The World Gem Society offers a quick and easy chart system for you to estimate gemstone weights by measurement estimation. Using these tried and tested equations you can do quick evaluations of gemstone weights while on the go. Remember, the World Gem Society is HTML5 mobile friendly so it goes where you go and is ready with important information when you need it most.

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That is our guarantee to every World Gem Society Member.

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