Gemstone Treatment Report

Welcome to the Gemstone Treatment Report, a part of the World Gem Society services and support. In the pages below you will find the most comprehensive resources for the identification and handling of created and treated gemstones. These pages are the result of many years of actual research and testing of gemstones on the market, with a significant expenditure of money to obtain actual specimens to create theses reports and images. This is part of our commitment to our members to provide the finest quality gemological support as part of your World Gem Society Membership.

These Gemstone Treatment Reports include information on gemstone creation and treatment methods,  tools required for identification, identification methods, as well as special care and handling information to help you utilize the important revenue streams of created and treated gemstones with confidence.

We will constantly be updating this section and will appreciate any and all feedback and specimen donations from our members to help keep this section as up-to-date as possible.

Please Note: This section is currently being migrated from our original Gemstone Treatment Report website. The migration will continue through the end of December when the complete report file will be located here. We appreciate your patience.