World Gem Society Membership Benefits and Registration

Welcome to the World Gem Society, sponsored by “Mid-Atlantic Gemological Lab & Appraisal Services” and “Bonnie Betz Gems & Jewelry, LLC” and operated by gemology professionals with the world’s top gemological credentials. The World Gem Society is a membership organization of gemstone lovers of all levels of the industry ranging from professional to hobbyist. Everyone who loves gemstones is welcome to join us and take advantage of the world-class support, education and services offered.

Membership in the World Gem Society is one low tax-deductible donation of $5.00 per month or $55.00 per year.  Registration includes all of the resources, archives, gemstone pricing guides and more. We believe in sharing and caring throughout the industry and reach out to everyone who loves gemstones to join us at the industry’s lowest association membership price.

2017LogoSmallHere is a list of the resources and archives you will have at your service:

  • World Gem Society Logo. As a member of the World Gem Society you will have the society logo to place on your website or other materials to show that you are a member of the industry’s top gemological organization.
  • Archives of Technical Articles, Editorials and More! The World Gem Society is the official location to find all of your favorite former ISG publications including research articles, reporting archives, past editorials and more. This is the where you can find that ISG edition or article you missed or would like to share.
  • Gemstone Reference Library. We bring you a reference library of 60+ of the most often seen gemstones and gem materials including descriptions, marketing, identification and more.
  • Gemstone Treatment Report. This section is based on the many years of research and review of a wide variety of the most often seen created and treated gemstones, including how to identify and work with these gemstones.
  • Gemstone Pricing Guides. The WGS has utilized our world-wide gem industry connections to create one of the most accurate gemstone pricing tables you will find anywhere. Prepared and maintained by gemology professionals just for you.
  • Diamond Pricing Guides: The WGS has composed a Diamond Pricing List based on actual diamond sales as listed on IDEX and other resources, in order to help you stay up to date on the latest trends in the diamond markets.
  • Jewelry Book Reviews. This section will help you learn the best resource books to add to your study collection, and a few you will want to avoid to save money.
  • Registry Directory Listing. When you join the World Gem Society we will add your expertise to the Network Registry. Become a part of the largest international gem organization in the world.
  • Beaders and Wirewrappers Resources. This is our newest area dedicated to those who create jewelry designs through beading and wire wrapping. We have established a special place for bead and gem identification dedicated to the needs of beaders and wire wrappers. This new area will be expanding to include new features in the coming weeks.
  • Gemstone Weight Estimations Charts. This important feature will save you time when you have a gemstone and need to confirm the weight by measurement estimation. One of many support features coming with your new World Gem Society membership.

All of this included with your World Gem Society Membership.

How to Register….!

Registration is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Sign Up button on the registration panel below.
  2. Complete the short registration form, you will create your own Username and Password.
  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions by ticking the radio button.
  4. Click on the REGISTER button. You will be taken to the subscription payment option page to complete your registration.
  5. Go to the upper right hand corner to LOG IN and log into your new account.
  6. That’s It! You are a member of the World Gem Society.

Use the panel below to get started. We appreciate your joining us in the World Gem Society and look forward to having you as part of our world-wide family of gemstone lovers.

Please Note:You may set up SSL Secure monthly or annual subscriptions using your Credit Card or PayPal with the panels below. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time as your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Annual and Lifetime Memberships can be paid by check to:

Bonnie Betz

c/o Bonnie Betz Gems & Jewelry, LLC

30 S. O’Neil St.

Mohnton, Pa. 19540

Monthly, Annual or Single Lifetime Membership Subscriptions

World Gem Society Member
$5.00 mo.
Tax-Deductible Contribution: Your $5.00 per month, IRS tax-deductible contribution, provides you with full access to all news and updates, articles and archives, pricing tables, research reports, gemology resources, special events and more!
Annual WGS Membership
55.00 yr.
Tax-Deductible Contribution: Your $55.00 per year, IRS tax-deductible contribution, provides you with full access to all news and updates, articles and archives, pricing tables, research reports, gemology resources, special events and more!
WGS Lifetime Member
Tax-Deductible Contribution: Your $1000.00, IRS tax-deductible contribution, provides you with a lifetime membership to all news and updates, articles and archives, pricing tables, research reports, gemology resources, special events and more!