On this page we will list ISG Global Network Members who provide a variety of services and support including insurance, website design, jewelers software, appraisal software, lighting, displays, boxes…just about anything that may be needed to make your jewelry company a success.


Gemlab Research & Technology
P.O. Box 57010
Vancouver, B.C V5K 5G6
+1 (604) 530-8569


Gemlab Research & Technology (GLR&T) is a subsidiary of the Canadian Institute of Gemmology (C.I.G.); it conducts independent research in gemmology related areas. Products: GL Gem Spectrometer, GL Gem Raman PL532, Gemlab Books & Instruments on-line store.
Wolf Kuehn, B.A., M.A., PDP (SFU), Dipl.oec, F.G.A., F.G.G. – GLR&T Project Manager

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