The World Gem Society is devoted to making its website and the data and information located within fully compliant and regulated, utilizing standards, requirements, specifications, and work instruction documents that will adhere to strict policies and processes to make the data and information provided totally accurate and allow gemologists, jewelers, students and graduates of all schools as well as passionate hobbyists to use this information in their day-to-day business endeavors and be assured that what they use is accurate based upon the documents located here.

  • The World Gem Society will maintain and adhere to these compliant and regulatory documents.

  • At no time will these documents be considered industry wide standards worldwide that everyone in the industry must or should follow when doing business.

  • These documents ensure that data and information utilized on the World Gem Society website that has been created by the “Mid-Atlantic Gemological Laboratory” will contain accurate and when required tested data and will be fully usable by all individuals and can be considered fully compliant under World Gem Society Standards and Policies.

  • In no way, does these compliant and regulatory standards and policies on this page supersede or replace any documents that other gem schools or gem/appraisal organizations feel are their standards. 

  • These documents on this page do not impede or hamper anyone from using other organizations data and information for their business. Everyone who conducts business in the gem and jewelry industry is free to use whatever data and information they regard as pertinent to and for their business.

  • These documents are related strictly to and for the World Gem Society in  concert with data and information created by the “Mid-Atlantic Gemological Laboratory”. Anyone using the data and information on the World Gem Society website will be required to adhere to the standards and policies set forth in the documents located below.